We can design programs expressly to accommodate your school/organizations specific needs or we can customize one of the following existing programs.

Spirituals; Decoding the Past, Present and Future

In this program, we explore the history of enslavement in the United States and the songs that have come out of the period in which Africans were enslaved in American history.  We learn songs and delve into the meanings.  As with all our concerts, Teamwork, listening skills and leadership are worked on through ensemble play, conducting, call and response and the creative process.Depending on the age group, the program ends with an in-depth look at the song "Follow The Drinking Gourd" before exploring what slavery looks like today and writing our own songs in protest and hope. 

Let's Explore Opera!


This three performance module is an interactive program in which audience members help define and participate in operatic performance.  Teaching Artists include movement, drawing and conversation to diffuse stereotypes and prejudices about the art form. Teamwork, listening skills and leadership are worked on thru ensemble play, conducting, call and response and the creative process. Vocabulary is explored. Each program ends with artists performing arias and duets from various operas -- including some the audience and artists have written together.

Stand Up!!

Teaching artists, led by Christine Clemmons-McCune, use music and poetry as a means to cultivate a conversation about bullying.Through this fun, interactive program, the audience gains an understanding of the power of words and themselves. 

I Too Sing America!

We explore the rich history of African Americans in this, singular or 3 part module, teaching concert.  Along with music, poetry, collage work and historic art work, help teaching artists have dialogue with the audience, sharing the glorious history, faith and struggle of the past 200 years.  Teamwork, listening skills and leadership are built on through ensemble play, conducting, call and response and the creative process.

Four Women


Named after the song "Four Women" by Nina Simone, this teaching concert implores a closer look at what and how we have seen women and how we see women today.  What is Feminism?  What is Womanism?


Through poetry, commercial artwork, song and common characters in literature, teaching artists challenge and guide the audience in a conversation about WOMANHOOD.

Repertoire and topics for this teaching concert are tailored for individual audiences.  



This teaching concert series focuses on the youngest audience; preschool children and young families.  Teaching artists and audience members tackle "big ideas" in fun ways.  

We offer a wide range of preschool-friendly teaching concerts: 

  • Take Care of Our Home; How to hug a planet
  • Sowing and Reaping; The Carrot Seed
  • Spirituals
  • Introduction to Opera
  • Musical Ideas; Exploring music through movement!
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